I couldn’t be prouder to have my quote on the Grace theatrical poster above. And I couldn’t be happier that there’s a theatrical poster at all – for a while there it looked like Paul Solet’s haunting and horrifying tale of an undead baby was going to get shuffled off into direct to DVD land.

If you live in New York or LA this weekend marks your chance to check out the film in a theater, exactly the way it’s meant to be seen. Grace is a terrific audience picture, a movie that plays with the crowd perfectly. (Read my original Sundance review right here.) It opens in New York at the Village East and in LA at the Sunset Laemmle 5.

For the LA folks: director Paul Solet, star Jordan Ladd and producer Adam Green will be on hand at the 7:40 and 9:55 shows to do an intro and to follow the movie with a Q&A. Believe me when I tell you that in five years you’re going to want to be able to boast that you met Paul Solet when he made his first movie, so if you’re in the City of Angels you must be at one of these shows.

The only way for Grace to expand out of New York and LA is for the film to have a big weekend. If you’re a horror buff who is dying for something fresh and original and legitimately creepy and good, this is your movie. Get out of the house and support good horror!