Could Bryan Singer be getting his revenge on Ronald D Moore? A decade ago Singer and Tom DeSanto were developing a TV sequel to the original Battlestar Galactica. That fell apart and instead of a continuation of the campy old adventures audiences were treated to a bold, topical and smart reimagining of the series and its concepts.

But earlier this year it was announced that original Galactica creator Glen A Larson had signed a deal with Universal to develop a whole new movie based on the concept, possibly tied to nothing that had come before. And now Hitfix has learned that Bryan Singer is back in the mix, having been approached by Universal to get involved.

Would Singer bring back the original concepts that he and DeSanto worked on years ago (some of which I’ve heard claimed ended up in the new show)? Or would they start from scratch?

More importantly than all of that, though, comes the question of why? The Ron Moore show just ended a few months ago, and it feels iconic and complete. What could these guys bring to the table that Moore and his team didn’t already? While there may be some brand recognition left in the Battlestar Galactica title, the well feels creatively dry.

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