Earlier in the summer it was reported that, in addition to the Hasbro properties like Monopoly, Stretch Armstrong, Hot Wheels, and Candyland, the kid’s book series Where’s Waldo? would be getting the big screen treatment. Now you can add another “How exactly do you make a movie of that?” concept to the list: a partly live-action Lego movie!

Warner Brothers is behind the endeavor, with Shorts and Sherlock Holmes producer Dan Lin making this thing happen. The script is being built by Kevin and Dan Hageman, who have several screenplays in development, but nothing that has materialized quite yet. Producer Lin has overseen a very close relationship with the Danish company. According to Variety, the picky toy-maker only acquiesced to the idea of the film because the production was willing to make the company’s set of values –“a fun factor, creativity and that imagination has no boundaries”– a priority. The production is tight-lipped about the actual story, noting only that it will be a live-action/CGI mixture.

Lego blocks were, without question, the toy I played with the most from my earliest years up until my teens. In fact, I grabbed a small set less than two weeks ago and had a blast putting it together. I firmly believe that Legos are the best possible toys for children to play with (and swallow!) and I plan to raise my own children in nutritive vats of multi-color blocks. What I love best about Lego, is that (save for the licensed collections) it creates sets based on genres and vague universes, and allows the kid to make the story. No other toy can appeal to left and right brained people so effectively- follow the instructions to build what’s on the box, destroy it, and then build your own spectacular shit!

Unfortunately the film is unlikely to appeal to me- I have a feeling it will take the shape of something more like Shorts than Speed Racer. However, anything that gets children playing with a toy that allows for such a wonderful mixture of creativity and spacial/structural logic is alright in my book. There’s certainly more potential here than with fucking Candyland.

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