Frank Darabont is close to finalizing a development deal with AMC to write and direct a tv series adaptation of The Walking Dead. If your head just exploded you probably realize how potentially huge this is. AMC realizes how big it is as well, and indeed, it will be one of the richest development deals ever made, according to Variety. Joel Stillerman, AMC’s head of programming, production and original content says that “The series will stay faithful to the tone of the original novels. This is not about zombies popping out of closets,this is a story about survival, and the dynamics of what happens when a group is forced to survive under these circumstances. The world (in ‘Walking Dead’) is portrayed in a smart, sophisticated way.”

Robert Kirkman’s story of survivors in a zombie apocalypse might not be the most original one around (a lot of it revolves around the age-old “in order to survive, do we become less than human?” dilemma), but it’s gritty and suspenseful and perfect for a fucking legend like Darabont to sink his teeth into.

As for the actual comic, I absolutely loved it at first but felt it fell apart near the fifth or sixth trade, and I haven’t ventured any further to see if it picks up again. Perhaps one of you kind souls can let me know if it’s worth getting back into on the messageboard, but to me it just felt like they didn’t know where to take the story and started coming out with all kinds of contrived plot points to pull our interest along.

The first few trades are incredible, however, and if anyone can do the story faithfully, it’s Darabont.

Via Variety