Activision just announced one hell of a deal for anyone considering purchasing Guitar Hero 5. Pick it up, and you’ll get a (very early!) copy of Guitar Hero: Van Halen absolutely free!

Guitar Hero 5‘s got a bunch of new improvements like a drop-in drop-out feature, and a fairly decent setlist. You can play as multiple instruments- guitars, drums, singers, whatever, and plus, it has the man in black. Otherwise, not much has changed from the last six or seven or twenty four Guitar Hero titles.

Guitar Hero: Van Halen has a soundtrack comprised of a few great Halen songs and a bunch of tracks from other bands that are available already on Rock Band.

Neither one seems worth it by itself, but put them together and BOOM. You’ve got a deal. Provided you’re not just going to pick up The Beatles: Rock Band, of course.

Check out the website for full details, and lament that Activision doesn’t seem to realize that if they didn’t push out so many goddamn Guitar Hero titles at once, they wouldn’t have to pull stunts like this.