Terminator 5? McG is apparently “…cooking that up.”

While talking to IESB about his new television show (Human Target: Jackie Earle Haley is involved folks!), McG let slide the first indication that Terminator 5 is still on track to be made, taking place in “a contemporary world.”

The question of the Terminator franchise’s fate has been kinda iffy since it pretty much blew it at the box office. One was left to wonder if it might quietly die, with McG moving on to 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea or even Spring Awakening.

“Yeah. I’m prepping 20,000 Leagues, every day, but I’m concurrently prepping Terminator 5, another Terminator picture. So, we’re cooking that up. And then, I’m very active in Spring Awakening, the musical, also. So, we’ll see. But, my focus, right now, is really pushing forward with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.”

So his focus is on 20,000 Leagues, right now but:

“Obviously, Michael Bay had tremendous success following Transformers, in a very short window. Sometimes people like to take time off, but I’m excited about the next installation of the story, in the Terminator idea… So, for me, it’s terribly exciting to get back out there and show a different face of that idea, and perhaps get out of the apocalyptic world and into a contemporary world. I think the audience is going to be very excited about our way in. I haven’t talked to anybody about that yet. You’re the first one.”

So Warner Brothers sees a near future for Terminator, despite the lackluster performance of Salvation? Or, will this be another franchise that slides into the background while the involved parties move on to other things? If that happens, will McG continue to mention it years from now, even after it becomes obvious that Warner Brothers has shelved it? In other words, will McG become another Bryan Singer?

Devin had his thumb on the Terminator pulse for the length of the Salvation production, so CHUD will certainly have an eye out for more signs of this moving towards reality.

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