Are you happy now, Mr. Goldthwait?

In this behind the scenes video for World’s Greatest Dad Bobcat seems a bit distressed that no one has mentioned that Robin Williams shows off full frontal nudity in his film, instead choosing to focus on another aspect of the film that the marketing seems to be hushing up. Check out the clip below- it’s got a lot of great bits from the film and a fun interview with the comedian turned director.

This also serves as a note to remind you that the movie is available right now On Demand via your cable provider and on Xbox Live, well in advance of its August 21st theatrical release. Definitely awesome stuff. And if you haven’t seen Bobcat’s last movie, Sleeping Dogs Lie, it’s highly recommended! Yes, it’s about a couple who are about to get married when the man finds out that his bride-to-be once blew a dog, but it’s actually a really sweet and hilarious comedy. Seriously.