Every year for the past six years a Saw movie comes out around Halloween,  and the horror community sinks further into despair.

But not everything is so bad… every year has also brought Lionsgate’s “Give ‘Til It Hurts” Saw blood drive, which has done a fantastic job of donating gallons upon gallons of blood to the Red Cross, as well as single-handedly made the series’ existence worthwhile.

They’ve also done a great job of supplying us with twisted images to support the drive, and this year is no exception.

Love it, although it must be a bitch to sit around in. This year’s campaign was created by ad company Ignition Print and photographed by Lionsgate’s Co-President of Marketing Tim Palen. There’s no details on where you can go to donate blood (they seem more focused on marketing their film than actually doing a good deed) but certainly details will pop up on the official site eventually.