We’ve got one admit-two ticket to give away to an exclusive screening at 7:00 pm tomorrow at a Manhattan theater of Liam Neeson’s latest thriller, Five Minutes of Heaven!

Why just one winner? Because this is a special screening that Neeson and director Oliver Nirschbiegel (Downfall) will be attending as well!
Lurgan Northern Ireland, 1975. A low level civil war has been underway,
with the IRA targeting British loyalists and the loyalist Ulster
Volunteer Force exacting revenge on Catholics they claim are militant
republicans. Alistair Little, 16 is the leader of a UVF cell, eager to
be blooded. He and his gang are given the go ahead to kill a young
Catholic man, James Griffin, as a reprisal and a warning to others.
When the hit is carried out, Joe Griffin – the 11-year old little
brother of the target – watches in horror his brother is shot in the
head. Thirty years later Joe Griffin and Alistair are to meet, on
camera, with a view to reconciliation. Alistair has served his
sentence, and Peace may been agreed in N. Ireland, but unbeknownst to
the production team, Joe Griffin, is not coming on the program for a
handshake but to stick a knife in his brother’s killer – live on air.

One interesting note about the story is that it’s partially true. Alistair Little did kill another kid 30 years ago (for no apparent other reasons than he was allegedly making threats to Protestants), but he has never confronted his brother. His tale is a strange and sad one, and there’s a great interview with the real man here.
IFC will be bringing the film out on August 21st- head to the official site for more details.
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