I’m glad that the Peter Jackson produced/Neill Blomkamp directed Halo movie never happened; because of that project falling apart we got District 9, one of the best science fiction movies in a decade. But any project that is dead in Hollywood may yet come back, and it looks like Halo is getting another life.

But it’s not a result of District 9, and it’s not with Jackson or Blomkamp. According to IESB Steven Spielberg is in negotiations to bring Stuart Beattie’s spec script Halo: The Fall of Reach, to Dreamworks, which is now partnered with Disney. Spielberg apparently sees the film as a possible tentpole to fill the hole left by Transformers, which stays at Paramount. And according to a year old Latino Review script review, the script for Halo: Fall of Reach doesn’t introduce bad guys The Covenant until halfway through the picture, possibly saving some costs.

Beattie’s script is intended to be the start of a trilogy (duh, of course. Why would you make a movie that tells a whole story in one film and then end? Jesus, are you dumb or something?), and the action only ramps up as the story goes along. Could Spielberg, supposedly a gamer himself, really get this project off the ground after all this time? Do we honestly need a Halo movie? Will Nick Nunziata get a chance to name the characters in the film? Only time will tell.