One of the earliest stories I read on CHUD was a group
report about “the sights and smells of
Dragon Con.”

In that spirit, I humbly
submit this disjointed and woefully incomplete photo tour of Wondercon.

Wondercon is about a 10th the size of Comic Con,
but run by the same great group of volunteers as the mammoth international San
Diego show. So, everyone involved is both nice and in
it for the right reasons. But while
Comic Con is like a convention on steroids (as opposed to E3, which is like a
con on crystal meth), Wondercon is a place that can be enjoyed and for the most
part experienced even by someone as addled as myself. I didn’t see everything, and I didn’t
photograph everything that I saw, and I ran out of time before I could take as
many pictures as I wanted to, but if I present this to you as I experienced it …
ADD and all!

I saw parts or all of the 10,000 BC, Get Smart, Iron Man,
Star Wars and Shutter panels, which I thought were all great, but I wasn’t able
to take any pics except during The X-Files…

So, when Fox’s convention guru Michael
Broidy introduced the crew, who had been on a 24-hour bender
of shooting prior to flying in and taking the stage, I had a little … what’s
the word… ? Oh yeah: psychotic

As luck would have it, I didn’t get ejected from the

You’ve probably read all of the reports on this panel and
seen the trailer on YouTube, but it was pretty spectacular to watch live for
someone like me, who stumbled on The X-Files one night in 1993 and watched all
the way to the bitter end…

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering who asked the question Duchovny tried to dodge by wanting to
know if the questioner was from Sherwood Forest, this is for you…

A blurry photo of some kind of Storm Trooper in Hall A just
before the Star Wars extravaganza…


The Justice League coalesced spontaneously at the staircase…


I called these Halo Ninjas, but other than the Halo symbol
on the back of their shirts (not pictured), I’m not really sure of the connection. They were nice to pose though…

Some of the costumes at these conventions are pretty amazing,
especially Pyramid Head…


Diablo Cody’s shower curtain and Britney’s weave? I don’t know…

My son told me who this was supposed to be, but I can’t
recall the name of this anime babe…

There were many more LARPers and Cosplayers to photograph,
but I ran out of time. A storm had hit San
Francisco and two old and great friends of mine were
going to dinner with me somewhere in Chinatown.


Of course the restaurant we were going to was on the other
side of the Lunar New Year parade…


It was like we had stepped into Blade Runner…

This isn’t a very good pic of my dinner, but it had to be documented.  This is a sausage on white
beans, in case you were wondering, yeah… awkward.


2005 RoMan approves of this blog post!