I learned a valuable lesson after appearing on David Poland’s Super Movie Friends: always get a clear understanding of where the camera is and what it’s shooting. I mean, I know I’m a fatass, but that doesn’t mean I have to be really displaying my flub in full as I am in this clip.

Super Movie Friends is a new thing Poland is putting together, a sort of Dinner for Five but at lunch and with four people and with film critic types as opposed to celebs. We shot at Mr. Poland’s lovely apartment and the conversation was nice but nowhere near as good as the cinnamon bread, which you can see me wolfing down like the lardass I am.

Sitting in for this inaugural episode was myself, Dave Poland, Anne Thompson (formerly of Variety and now of Indiewire) and Toni Molle of KTLA. I’m taking the geek seat. Future episodes will have a rotating cast of commenters, but should David want me back I’d be happy to rejoin the group. And to sit at the head of the table, my gut safely hidden from view.

Below is a clip; for the entire video visit Movie City News.