Fruit Chan scared the world when he made Dumplings for Three… Extremes. No one knew the director had it in him- he had never made a horror film before, and definitely not touched anything as morbid or sick as he did there. But then again, it’s always the quiet ones you have to watch, right?

Shock Till You Drop managed to grab the trailer for Fruit Chan’s latest, entitled Don’t Look Up, and it looks like he’s taken his vendetta against babies to a whole new level. I’ve lovingly embedded it below but it doesn’t seem to be working, so hit the link above.

The English language film is about a young horror director who is haunted by visions from past real-life atrocities. This comes into play heavily when he brings his cast and crew to an abandoned Romanian film studio (“Transylvania Film Studios”, in fact) where the past starts ripping back into this world.

As you’ll see, the film looks like it could go either of two ways- disgustingly horrible or unintentionally hilarious. Either way, there’s a ton of delicious and gory fx work on display here, so steel your stomachs, folks.