Don’t expect to see any of Blizzard’s upcoming StarCraft II triple-dip this year. Citing upgrades, ActiBlizzard Supreme Chancellor Bobby Kotik surprised no one yesterday when he announced the following:

“As we prepare for next year, we have moved the expected release dates for two games, Activision Publishing’s Singularity and Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft® II, into 2010.”

2010 is now officially a Space Odyssey of game releases. So what does this mean for Diablo III? In a conference call with Kotaku, Blizzard executive Mike Morihame simultaneously settles fears and creates a whirlwind of confusion with the following cagey statement:

“The move of StarCraft into next year does not impact the schedule, and so it would be correct to conclude that you could expect two releases of Blizzard for next year. But I would not make any conclusions on what those titles would be.”

See you in 2011, Deckard.