We’ve reported before on the changes of title for John C. Reilly’s vampire flick, and the film formerly known as The Vampire’s Assistant after the original title Cirque Du Freak, has now been definitively retitled as, wait for it…


…classy, y’all.

It would seem that vampires are quickly catching up to zombies as the please-goddamn-stop creature du jour, but save for the obvious examples of trite popular bullshit (your Underworlds, Twilights, and what-have-yous) most have been, or look to be, very interesting (Let The Right One In, Thirst, Daybreakers, and now this one). It’s enough to give my inner-cynic pause.

The trailer works in an Are You Afraid Of The Dark?/Goosebumps sort of way- this one could be a keeper if it’s got a brain in its head. Universal’s confidence in the picture is an encouraging sign- they drug the release date way up to October 23rd from January 2010.

If you like the cut of Cirque Du Freak’s jib, you can always get a jump on it by reading the trilogy that the film is adapting all at once- The Saga of Darren Shan (CHUD Amazon link).

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