Strange little item this morning in Variety about Leonardo DiCaprio and his Appian Way shingle being interested in doing a Goth take on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood with scribe David Leslie Johnson.  Although the Grimms put the story out there, there are other, much darker versions that go back to the Middle Ages and vary from a wolf, to a werewolf, to Red becoming a tasty snack.  So the story could be adapted any number of ways and Goth sounds as good as any.  No word yet on whether it will be a live production or some form of animation.

Appian Way is coming off the recent Orphan with Johnson, and has the upcoming Scorsese-directed DiCaprio vehicle, Shutter Island, with Phoenix Pictures.  DiCaprio isn’t expected to have a role in the project, but rather will produce.  However the project turns out, I hope it’s half as enjoyable as this version: