I wasn’t able to keep up with all the news that came out of Comic Con, but I don’t think any of the Avatar toy images included pictures of the Na’vi figures. The Na’vi are the alien species that play the part of the Native Americans in James Cameron’s big huge 3D Dances With Wolves in space.

Having seen the 24 minutes of footage I can say that this figure, which is from a (supposedly) McFarlane toy line (although board member Abbott & Prospero alerts us that as far as he knows only Mattel has the Avatar license), is a fairly accurate representation of what the aliens look like. This is them. And this, in particular, the avatar of Jake Sully, played by Sam Worthington.

The image on the shield looks, to my eyes, to be the exact image of the character from the movie. That’s how he looks in the film.

Thanks to Sgt Zim for posting this image on our message board. Click the image to see it bigger.

This email has arrived:

To whom it may concern:


We are writing to you on behalf of
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and its related entities (collectively
“Fox”) which own intellectual property rights in and to the “AVATAR” motion
picture film.  It has come to our
attention that multiple images of a toy which is purported to be an action
of the Na’vi character from Fox’s film were posted on your website
http://chud.com/articles/articles/20347/1/MEET-THE-NA039VI-AVATAR-ALIENS-REVEALED/Page1.html without authorization of Fox.  This conduct infringes Fox’s intellectual
property rights.

We must demand that you remove
these images from your website immediately.

Please confirm via e-mail that you
will comply with our request.

And so, no more picture! Try the IMDB Avatar boards.