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much TV as you think you watch, Uncle Mitch watches more. 
With beer in hand at all times.  He’s a mythological figure
and a great source of fun and special times.  At any given
time, his blood alcohol level is somewhere around the ratings for
American Idol.  But that doesn’t stop this drunk bitch from
sharing his insights on the week’s TV news.

Katie Holmes’ Not In Sex And The City Sequel?

Mrs. Cruise has shot down rumors that she’s been offered a role in the
upcoming Sex and the City sequel as a feisty businesswoman and rival to
Kim Cattrall’s Samantha.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: Tom already let her out of the house once this year and this happened:

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Set To Return

After taking a hiatus while the couple prepared divorce proceedings, Jon & Kate Plus 8 is set to return to TLC next week where the show “will continue to capture this family’s journey in a sincere and sensitive way.”

Uncle Mitch’s Take: Looking forward to the spinoff: Jon & Kate Plus Deanna Hummel, Steve Neild, Lawyers and Child Welfare Services…

Oprah Bomb Scare Is A False Alarm

A mysterious package that arrived at Oprah Winfrey’s studio and sparked a bomb scare turned out to be a false alarm.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: Apparently someone was just trying to return the purse with Stedman’s balls in it…

Lisa Kudrow Based Friends Character on Jennifer Aniston

Lisa Kudrow recently revealed that she patterned her flighty, hippy character of Phoebe on friend and former co-satr Jennifer Aniston due to the actresses interest in spiritual subjects.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: Unfortunately, Matt LeBlanc based his post-Friends career on Klinton Spilsbury.

Lastest Bachelorette Installment Ends in Two Proposals

The Bachelorette star Jillian Harris received two proposals in the recent finale of the show, accepting the one from suitor, Ed Swiderski.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: Wishful thinking from the above headline: Bachelorette Ends.

House Creator Has Been Tapped To Remake Rockford Files

House creator, David Shore, was recently hired by NBC to remake the popular 1970s TV detective show that starred James Garner.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: With Pontiac gone, let’s see ‘em remake his Firebird…

Syfy Assures GLAAD That They Will Be Better Represented In The Future

The former Sci-Fi Channel has made overtures to expand diversity following receiving a failing grade by GLAAD’s Network Responsibility Index, which measures the representation of LGBT characters on TV.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: And thus, Wifflebottom’s Gay Future is assured:

Fox Will Not Air Family Guy’s Abortion Episode

“Fox will not air the ‘Partial Terms of Endearment’ episode of Family Guy,
but we fully support the producers’ right to make the episode and
distribute it in whatever way they want,”
read a statement from the network.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: Abortion episode? Which one?