If only Robert Ludlum had lived to see his bibliography of poorly written, mechanically plotted spy thrillers take over Hollywood! The Bourne series is like the new Die Hard in that it’s what every single movie wants to be these days (‘Here’s the pitch: it’s like the Bourne version of Baby Geniuses!’), and even David Cronenberg is getting in on the act with The Matarese Circle. Now Ron Howard, who gave a boost to a little known literary great named Dan Brown, is looking to join the team.

He’ll direct The Parsifal Mosaic, which is all about spies and double crossing and blah blah blah. It’s written by David Self, the guy who dies a little bit inside every time he sees news about his adaptation of The Wolf Man. And it’s about a guy whose name is Havelock – the gay porn version just fucking wrote itself.

Howard will direct it for Universal, who is developing a fourth Bourne film as well as The Sigma Protocol, another goddamned Ludlum book.

via Variety