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We first told you about Brian Lonano’s Attackazoids! over a year ago, when it was just starting to take film festivals by storm. It’s been shown in well over a dozen film fests since then, including this year’s Cannes Film Festival.
Rather than tell you about it you should just watch it! Recently Lonano uploaded the complete seven minute short to Youtube for your viewing pleasure. Have fun watching a great story of propaganda and killer robots. The bizarre and morbid short throws together a lot of great ideas in its short running time, and the worst thing about it is that it’s not longer.

Lonano is not not resting on his laurels, however, as he’s been hard at work at a second Attackazoids installment. It’s a prequel to the original film and will evidently illustrate just how these robots came into power.

Attackazoids, Deploy!! is set to premiere at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival on August 29th. Check out the teaser below, and expect a review of the film shortly!

Check the official site out for more on both shorts.