Thursday was the biggest day at Comic Con, but I had to make sure to find an hour to spend sipping cocktails with Larry Hama, the legendary comic book writer who pretty much created the GI Joe that we know today. As a kid running out to Mike’s Comic Hut and Little Nemo’s Comics for my weekly fix, the adventures of the Hama-written Joe team were among my favorites. A group of us webmasters geeked out over old GI Joe issues while hanging with Hama (and with Ray Park, who plays Snake Eyes in the movie version) – everything from the destruction of the Pitt to the silent issue and all sorts of stuff in between. Hama is a nice guy, very appreciative of geeks like us and still a big defender of his work. He told us that he was the wall that stood between Snake Eyes and spoken dialogue in the movie, and for that I think we can all be appreciative.

Paramount has sent over this video of Hama talking about his creation and the upcoming movie. Enjoy!

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