“It’s a cross between Flipper and The Bourne Identity”

That is how The Cove is billed and the trailer for the festival favorite is insanely engaging. Unfortunately I won’t be at the screening because this film would RUIN me. I have a low tolerance for animal damage on my best days and this expose of a truly phenomenal and staggering slaughter gives me nightmares just from seeing the trailer.

That said, you, being stronger than I… need to see it.

The Cove [TRAILER] is a documentary that is much an espionage film as it is anything else, an illegally made artistic and ecological weapon of truth that is something I doubt folks will be able to shake for a long time.

Atlanta folks, if you are able to see this and can handle the subject matter just use the link and include your mailing address. Specify if you want an extra pass, with one request: Spread the word. The subject matter here is more important than anything you’re likely to see in theaters this year [yes, including Aliens in the Attic] and I want a lot of the RIGHT people seeing it and getting the word out there.

Bring a handkerchief.