Anvil! The Story of Anvil
is one of my favorite documentaries. The story of metal band Anvil and their lifelong quest for rockstardom is as damn close to a feel-good movie as you can get, and an incredibly rewatchable one, as well. I can’t even think of another doc that I’ve seen five times.

The movie has Chud’s full seal of approval. Notorious metal hater Devin loved it, I loved it (and got to go drinking with the guys!) and I’ve never seen a bad word about the film. It’s simply impossible not to fall in love with these guys and their story, their quest to finally become rockstars after 30 years of playing in a band and watching their contemporaries become famous. Now that the film was such a critical and financial success they’re finally living their dream, appearing all over the world for performances and interviews.

They’ve recorded 3 songs for Rock Band, played huge shows like the Download Festival, and are opening for ACDC this week at Giants Stadium. They will see their last album This Is Thirteen re-released through VH1 Classic Records on CD and Vinyl, with the newly recorded Thumb Hang which was featured in the film included as a bonus track! They’re even working on a new album called Juggernaut of Justice. (They love their alliteration- just check their discography.)

It’s hard not to be happy for these guys, and when the dvd his in October you’ll see why for yourself. Anvil! The Story of Anvil will hit DVD on October 6th, but you’ll also be able to catch the television premiere of it on VH1 and VH1 Classic on Saturday October 3rd at 9:00 pm.

Here’s a list of features for the dvd-

- Half hour interview with Lars Ulrich On Anvil
- Director & Anvil Commentary Track
- Former Band Members Interviews
- Deleted scenes
- and more