Once again CHUD.com is hosting Sunday movie nights at Hell Gate Social in Astoria, Queens!

This Sunday we’re proud to present to you one of Frank Henenlotter’s best, Frankenhooker! People who came out to our Street Trash screening a couple years ago will be pleased to note that the doorman who threatens to steal the movie, James Lorinz, is the lead here! He stars as a med school dropout whose fiancee is killed in a horrific lawnmower accident. This modern-day Dr. Frankenstein doesn’t let a little thing like death deter him, no, he wants her back. The only problem is that there’s not exactly enough of her to put back together. So he heads out to the redlight district to find some hookers to make the perfect woman.

If that sounds great the movie’s even better. The screening’s absolutely free and will screen in the backyard garden of the bar when the sun sets- usually around 9:00.

If you want to come earlier they have a BBQ set up that gets you all you can eat meat for 10 bucks. That starts at 4:00 and runs till the screening of the iflm. I’ve been spending most of my Sundays there because you can’t beat that deal, and they’ve got some great beer on tap. But come for the movie and stay afterwards for the giveaway!

For more info about getting there check out Hell Gate Social’s website or just shoot me an email. See you there!