Some more interesting news to come out of Comic Con was that Marvel was allowing Japanese anime studio Madhouse (Paprika, Tokyo Godfathers) to work on brand new “reimaginings” of four of their superheroes. Even better than that was the fact that comic scribe and twitterer extraodinaire Warren Ellis would be working on it!  Marvel Anime is a TV series that will start appear on the Animax channel in Japan starting Spring 2010.

They’ve shown off the first two characters to get the spikey-haired, effeminate style- Wolverine and Iron Man. Check out the teaser trailers for both below.

Definitely interesting to see how much artistic license Marvel’s granted. We’ll see what the other two characters are shortly, but I’m guessing one won’t be Captain America. If it weren’t for a few character designs you’d never guess this was based on an American property!