Variety reports that Eagle Eye‘s D.J. Caruso is attached to direct an adaptation of EA’s Dead Space, and drops what might be an ever bigger bomb on fans of the 2008 space survival horror game:

EA launched the game in 2008 and is working on the second and third installments.

Might Variety be confusing the upcoming Wii on-rails prequel Dead Space: Extraction with a sequel, or is Visceral Games planning a trilogy?

Dead Space was an overly repetitive experience with a hackneyed story, but in addition to some well designed monsters, it had a really gooey and effective horror atmosphere. Given that Dead Space is essentially a hybrid between Alien‘s gothic horror and The Thing‘s body horror, it’s no big surprise to see it headed to theaters. If Caruso can retain the game’s quiet, cryptlike atmosphere punctuated by heavy gore, maybe there’s some potential here. If it’s anything like the game, the story will be dumb.

Getting all confused and flustered over oddball game adaptations is obsolete after Ridley Scott’s Monopoly, but alongside Dead Space, Mass Effect, Army of Two, and Dante’s Inferno, The Sims is EA’s 5th property headed toward the big screen. Geelfrob?!?