Not Quite Hollywood, the fantastic documentary about the “Ozploitation” films Australia churned out in the 70s and 80s that took the world by storm, is set to hit NYC and LA this Friday! This is fantastic news from Magnolia Films, because there really is no better way to experience this film. It’s going to start rolling out to more theaters in the next few weeks so check Magnolia’s site out for the full list.

A loving look at the cheesy, action packed and horrific exploitation movies that almost defined a country, it’s a really goddamn fun movie that knows exactly what it is. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and frequently pokes fun at the films it’s simultaneously heaping praise on, and frequently bounces back and forth from footage from the films to interviews with the people who made them. It’s really a must see for lovers of film… check my review out for my full take.

Anyone who is interested in the films featured in Not Quite Hollywood would do well to check out this amazing Youtube playlist that has trailers for just about every film it showcases! It’s also a great list for anyone who’s already seen the doc and wants to remember the titles, because there’s just no way to leave this movie without a list of films you simply must track downm. Netflix users- both the scary coma patient flick Patrick and Dennis Hopper’s drunken opus Mad Dog Morgan are available for Instant Viewing. Get on that!