G-Force $32,152,000 $8,697 $32,152,000
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince $30,000,000 (-61.5%) $6,936 $221,834,000
The Ugly Truth $27,000,000 $9,368 $27,000,000
Orphan $12,770,000 $4,644 $12,770,000
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs $8,200,000 (-53.3%) $2,485 $171,291,000
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen $8,000,000 (-41.6%) $2,471 $379,090,000
The Hangover $6,465,000 (-20.9%) $2,829 $247,077,000
The Proposal $6,423,000 (-22.5%) $2,311 $140,086,000
Public Enemies $4,170,000 (-46.2%) $1,820 $88,096,000
Bruno $2,719,000 (-67.3%) $1,435 $56,516,000

This just in: a raging case of herpes. But don’t worry about it, most people have it.

Three films opened this weekend, all performed about what should be expected for them, if not a little stronger. Disney has no interest in getting Up to $300 Million, so they may have to settle for getting G-Force to $100. Much like last year’s brilliant Beverly Hills Chihuahua, G-Force plays to children who like cute animals talking. Though humans may think of this as lowering the discourse, perhaps it’s raising the discourse for Guinea Pigs, or gerbils, or whatever rodent-like animal is granted sentience in this latest piece of Disney-fied raisining. But something like this should play strong enough to get a nine digit total.

The Ugly Truth
is well timed counter programming, but also Katherine Heigl has great boobs and if people remember Gerald Butler from 300, they may like him here as the rake, so there is actual interest from the male side of the aisle.  If anyone is offended by me saying that Heigl has great boobs, I apologize. $27 Million may spell $100, depending if it platforms a little. It might, though the film is supposedly terrible. So are most romantic comedies. This opened to $4 Million more than 27 Dresses (which did $76 Million), so $80-ish is likely. Heigl is now a legitimate star presence now. And Orphan did what was expected. If they made it for $10 Million, they’ll do all right, so the $25 Million total is the likely landing post. Same sort of business as One Missed Call, which opened first week of January a while back. So I guess these pictures can go anywhere.

Harry Potter 6 opened a bit bigger than HPV, so to do significantly better business it would have to keep out-pacing V. But Half-Blood is lagging behind the fifth film’s second weekend, which suggests it’ll peter out around $300 Million. It';s still up $14 Million over the the fifth film, but that lead should be close to non-existent next weekend. Is anyone complaining? No. But the over sixty percent off 2nd weekend suggests that it won’t be until the last film there could be a real spike in attendance.

Ice Age 3 is on the $200 limp now, and it could make it. But Transformers 2 is for surely getting to $400 as next weekend it’ll be nearing $390, so it’s no more than three weekends away from being at $400. At this point, that’s a done deal. Ice Age is going to have more problems getting to $200, it’s all about Fox wanting to get it there.

The Hangover takes care of itself, though, and it should be at $250 sometime this week. Warner’s probably has an open attitude about the picture. They may not care if it keeps playing or not at this point, but they don’t need to, it’s steady business. Same with Disney’s The Proposal, which just crossed $140, and should have no problems getting past $150 by end of run. The only problem is we’re starting to get a flood of pictures, so it’s not just one or two A titles a week, but two or three B pictures that cycle through quicker but definitely need screentime.

Such likely kills Public Enemies’ shot at hitting $100, though Bruno will hit its $60 and be done. Enemies is solid work from Mann, but it’s easy to see why it didn’t hit the zeitgeist on the head. Neither did Bruno, for that matter. And Universal’s got Funny People next week. I’d bet they’d rather give up their Bruno‘s for a little more PE limping. What are you going to do.

We’re two weeks from the unofficial end of Summer movies.