While Steven Spielberg has already finished shooting his Tintin movie, Peter Jackson revealed that he hasn’t even decided what the story for his film will be yet. That means that Jackson’s Tintin remains a long way off, with work on the script probably not getting started until some time next year.

This information came up during an intimate press event with Jackson at this weekend’s San Diego Comic Con. Jackson said that he was still trying to figure out which book he wanted to adapt, and that he would probably be rereading the entire Tintin series to make his decision.

That said, Jackson mentioned that he was currently leaning towards either The Seven Crystal Balls or Prisoners of the Sun. It’s likely that he would actually adapt both, as Prisoners of the Sun is the sequel to The Seven Crystal Balls. The story involves an Incan curse brought on by the discovery of a Peruvian mummy.

But don’t worry that the response to the first Tintin film will impact this one – Jackson says writing will start before that movie is released.