Yep, it’s true- the Scott Pilgrim merchandising has finally kicked into full gear. It’s just been revealed at Comic Con that Ubisoft is working on a Scott Pilgrim game. It will be a downloadable title that will be released to coincide with Edgar Wright’s film. The style? Side scrolling beat’m up.

It’s actually a great idea for the adaptation, since so much of Pilgrim’s journey has him fighting his girl’s ex-boyfriends. If they’re smart this will also allow for 2D art that looks just like the comic, and all kinds of fun and dorky anime-styled battles. Let’s just hope they put a little more into it than that sucky Watchmen sidescroller. (Note how the second episode of that never came out? End is nigh, indeed.)

There’s not much else as far as details just yet, but we’ll let you know more when we hear it.

G4’s got the announcement in the below video so skip to 1:38, unless you care about Image United for some reason.