The guys at EA just wrote to tell me about a contest they have going on at Comic Con right now. At the EA booth where they’re showing off Dante’s Inferno (and where a guy dressed up as Dante is walking around wielding a scythe) they’re claiming they have the hottest girls at Comic Con, which is probably not too boastful a claim, if you’ve seen the crowd.

While I’m sure there’s nothing the girls appreciate more than having to take pictures with sweaty dorks, the “Go To Hell” girls really are there for your pleasure.

If you take a picture with one of their booth babes and send it to their @danteteam twitter account or post it on their facebook page, you’ll enter a pretty ridiculous contest. The grand prize winner will get to go out to dinner with two of them with the full celebrity treatment- limo, paparazzi and a chest full of goodies. I’m assuming that means a real chest, like the kind you open and put things in. Each booth babe will give you one entry, so the more you find the better your chances are. Official rules are on their Facebook page.

Love how the EA guys are really getting into the spirit of things here. The second circle of hell (where those who committed sins of lust remain for eternity) was the focus of their last update on their website, and they’ve got some really sick stuff planned for us…