Tonight Disney recreated Flynn’s Arcade from Tron in downtown San Diego as part of the promotion for Tron Legacy (once known as Tron 2.0 and Tr2n). Inside the arcade was a bunch of working games from the 80s, including a few consoles of… Space Paranoids!

The game’s pretty hard. Sort of unplayable. But it was fucking amazing that they recreated it (and the credits, by the way, mention Flynn). Here’s George ‘El Guapo’ Roush of Latino Review playing:

But then the real magic happened. A crowd formed by the Tron machine and…

That music by the lightcycle? That’s new music from the Daft Punk score for Tron Legacy.

This event was open to anyone, and the location of Flynn’s was revealed after a long scavenger hunt. Everybody at the arcade got a very cool Flynn’s shirt on the way out. Disney really killed with this event, and here’s hoping Tron Legacy lives up to it.