It’s amazing how much goodwill a horror movie can get from a few well executed moments and a very good marketing campaign.

The Strangers was a familiar, oftentimes mediocre film whose money shots were pretty much exhausted in the promotional campaign that somehow became a hit and gained a sort of “disturbing mainstream horror flick for folks who haven’t seen disturbing horror flicks” moniker. Plus it featured Liv Tyler oddly crawling in the forest, a sight infinitely more terrifying than a sack-wearing psychopath with similarly creepy cohorts. And Scott Speedman happened to audiences again thanks to this film.

It probably doesn’t help that I saw Funny Games the same week as this film, but either way The Strangers is a movie franchise I really had no interest in seeing more of. I mean, how many horror franchise villains got better the more you got to know them?  One and done is a policy folks need to apply to horror, and I know all about the financials and don’t give a damn. Once you explain their motives, show their faces, or start to dissect their tormented psyche bullshit starts to happen.

For an example, look at just about every single horror franchise not called Phantasm.

Possible reveals: Sac Dude likes Apple Jacks before a killing. Fuckmask douches with Valvoline. Doll Face smells like Webkinz…

Anyhow, for what seems like since the 3:00pm showing on the first day of The Strangers‘ release, the web has been reporting on the inevitable sequel. Which is happening. The fellow who wrote and directed the original has gone and made a few deals and is a big shot, so he’s only writing. And why pay the original guy when a French dude can take his place! Laurent Briet, best known for music videos and for being named Laurent takes Bryan Bertino’s place in the sequel to be distributed by Rogue Pictures.

No word on if Liv Tyler will show up in the first five minutes of part two, uncomfortably writhe on the ground in the woods, and die.

The plot is ‘under wraps’, which may mean ‘we have a few more cool scenes for the next trailer that will totally overshadow the boring shit’. I bet it involves people being at home and assholes showing up and puncturing them after lingering in the background a while. I’m out on a serious limb here.

Note: A lot of the above will probably not apply to this film because The Strangers is fucking boring and I’m already falling asleep thinking ab…