I don’t know, but I feel like I’m in the minority of people who don’t want Len Wiseman’s head on a plate for whatever reason (except for the obvious getting to bed Beckinsale considerations of course).  I can get with his films on a basic popcorn level at the very least; and all things considered, he hasn’t done enough to be in front of the fanboy firing squad with, say W.S., I think. 

His next announced project is an adaptation the graphic novel, Shrapnel.  The story describes a sci-fi future where humans have colonized
the solar system and formed a Solar Alliance to govern the planets.
The story focuses on Venus, the last rebellious holdout, and a
self-exiled former Marine who teaches the colonists how to fight
Unfortunately, it sounds like Soldier on Venus.  But a possible 3-D approach is a possibility.

Said Wiseman of the main character, “I am really drawn to the reluctant-hero story.”  Wiseman is next set for Motorcade, which is rumored as a possible vehicle for Tom Cruise, is described as a thriller centered on a terrorist plot against the president’s motorcade as it navigates through Los Angeles.  Wiseman will also be helming Gears of War for Legendary Pictures and Atlantis Rising for DreamWorks.