Take a moment to make sure that the bad tastes of Meet The Spartans and The Spirit are cleansed from your brain before absorbing an interesting speculative piece by THR.com’s Steven Zeitchik on a potential 300 sequel.  Frank Miller has reportedly finished a draft of a graphic novel that could very well become the basis for a follow-up to Zach Snyder’s 2007 green screen, loin cloth opus.  However, since the book isn’t even out yet, production details are pretty much no better than hearsay.  Nevertheless, the piece hints that co-writer Kirk Johnstad, who’s currently penning The Last Photograph, would probably be back and that Snyder would be game for a return.

The piece however tempers optimism on the prospect of a sequel by pointing out the difficulties the project faces, namely that most of the heroes didn’t fare so well in the original, and that producers Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton have been bandying about a sequel for the better part of a year without much progress.  Any potential follow-up would most likely involve a prequel or a sequel with all new characters.  All of this will of course be brought up and probably heavily debated at Comic Con, which Znyder is due to attend to promote the Watchmen DVD.