We knew that the setting for Left 4 Dead 2 was New Orleans, so how could they possibly leave out the swamp? Visitors to the San Diego Comic Con this weekend will find a demo for the Swamp Fever level, and a return to the darker, creepier style.

As you can see it’s the perfect location for the game. Swamp Fever will have you starting off in an enclave in the bayou, which gets overrun, forcing you out into the swamp. There are only four levels in this particular campaign but they’re supposed to be of comparable length to a regular campaign, and it will end in a last stand at a plantation house, which are stocked with mounted machine guns with (gulp) limited ammo. There’s a new type of zombie called Mudman that appears only in this campaign, which can jump out of the water and splatter your screen with mud, obscuring your vision and leaving you bewildered.

They’ve also revealed a new boss enemy- The Spitter.

This absolutely terrifying things can spit some sort of poison at you, which causes an area effect that will force tightly knit clusters of players to split up and run away. Love how Valve is really seeking to destroy that annoying tactic. Don’t forget that there’s still one boss zombie to be revealed, along with three more campaigns!

IGN has these two gameplay trailers up, check them out and try not to drool on your keyboard too much.

So shut the fuck up with your worthless boycotts, because you know that none of you are passing this sucker up.