Although Mother’s Day still hasn’t reached the lift-off stage Darren Lynn Bousman isn’t wasting anytime in getting his next gig set up. According to Variety Bousman’s next big-screen endeavor will be Abattoir, which he’ll write and direct based on a concept he conceived with writing pal Michael Peterson.

Radical Pictures will produce the pic, while its publishing division will churn out a version in graphic novel form, one I suspect that will coincide with the theatrical release.

The official synopsis for Abattoir (French for “slaughterhouse”), I have to admit, sounds smart, yet mind-numbingly simple. Makes you wonder why someone hasn’t done it until now considering how often real-estate agents are coming into contact with weirdos they don’t know. Nevertheless, Abattoir tells the story of a real estate agent assigned to clean up the remnants of a massacre that took place in a mansion he hopes to sell. To boot, he’s visited by a twisted old man who draws the agent into a web of shadows, murders and massacres.

In the meantime, artwork for the impending project will be unleashed later this week at San Diego Comic-Con for those of you heading down to the madhouse and would like a sneak peek.