I have played World of Warcraft. I have a level 50 something Undead Warrior; he has pretty crummy gear but that’s because I mostly play him as a form of meditation. So much of Warcraft is running from one place to the next that it’s easy to zone out while crossing borders. And the game itself is so repetitive that I find it completely calming.

So I know a couple of things about the game, and the announcement (originally at Ain’t It Cool) that Sam Raimi will be directing a big budget movie version of it (to be called just Warcraft) makes me… happy. Yeah, happy. See, WoW is surprisingly funny and silly at times. Once I heard that Raimi would be directing it just sort of made perfect sense.

Apparently he’ll start on the movie after Spider-Man 4 shoots early next year. I guess this means he won’t be doing 4 and 5 back to back. Warcraft is at Warner Bros.

WoW is essentially Tolkein lite – the forces of the Alliance (Men, Dwarves, Gnomes, Night Elves and Draenei) battle the forces of the Horde (Undead, Orcs, Taurens (minotaurs), Blood Elves and Trolls) for control of the world of Azeroth. Each race is based on an ethnic stereotype.