It looks like the filmic DC Universe has had enough of Marvel ruling the roost. According to a new article in the Hollywood Reporter, big motion has been happening below the surface of Warner Bros/DC – big motion aimed at getting more of their superheroes on screen. A breakdown:

- Geoff Johns, Marv Wolfman and Grant Morrison have been hired to write treatments for DC superhero movies and to act as producers on them. These three are, of course, DC’s biggest powerhouse writers, and their involvement is surely to make the fans feel like these characters are being handled properly. While Morrison and Wolfman’s films remain a mystery…

- Johns has written a treatment for a Flash movie. Johns wrote the Flash comic book forever, so he has something of a handle on the character (although I’d argue that his writing skills have been diminishing in recent years as he gets spread thinner in the DCU).

- And reading between the lines of the article it seems likely that Wolfman is working on a Teen Titans movie.

- Leonardo di Caprio is producing the Aquaman movie.

- Warner Bros is taking pitches on an Adam Strange movie.

- There’s a whole paragraph of the article that I find to be questionable, not least because Bizarro Superman is a spec script and I don’t think Peter Segal is on Shazam anymore, but here it is:

Also in the pipeline: “Bizarro Superman” being written by “Galaxy
Quest” scribes David Howard and Robert Gordon; a sequel to
“Constantine,” with Goldsman and Erwin Stoff producing; two
concurrent Green Arrow projects, an origin story and a prison-set
one titled “Super Max”; and “Shazam,” which was set up at New Line
but has moved to Warners, with Pete Segal attached to direct.

- Wonder Woman remains in limbo, as nobody seems to be able to figure what’s worthwhile about the character.

- Justice League also remains in limbo until Warner Bros can get the individual heroes off the ground.

- Stop holding your breath for the next Nolan Batman; it’s still far from even the conceptual stages


- Nobody’s talking about Superman.