Film Three Day Per Screen Total
1 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince $79,475,000 $18,376 $159,662,000
2 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs $17,700,000 (-35.9%) $4,637 $152,005,000
3 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen $13,750,000 (-43.2%) $3,565 $363,867,000
4 Bruno $8,374,000 (-72.7%) $3,035 $49,588,000
5 The Hangover $8,315,000 (-16.3%) $3,118 $235,882,000
6 The Proposal $8,294,000 (-21.8%) $2,726 $128,087,000
7 Public Enemies $7,592,000 (-45.0%) $2,435 $79,483,000
8 Up $3,147,000 (-33.3%) $1,845 $279,559,000
9 My Sister’s Keeper $2,825,000 (-34.2%) $1,436 $41,504,000
10 I Love You Beth Cooper $2,665,000 (-45.8%) $1,424 $10,261,000

This just in: a hidden stash of bum porn.

Harry Potter had a great opening day ($58 Million) on Wednesday, but as I surmised, it was more front loaded than it was a gigantor. The film should do what the last couple of films did, which is great, solid business and a $300 domestic, or around there. It’s also already a huge international success, so I’m sure the picture will do the standard global billion. You can’t really question that “let’s make an extra billion” decision Warner Brothers made re: the seventh book. Next week is light so it will probably hold the top spot, but it’s going to have a 50% tumble or more.

Brun-ouch. Bruno was going to be front loaded by the nature of the film, but – as seemed apparent early on – this was not going to be another monster hit like Borat. And so with the people who felt the need to see it immediately having done their duty, the film took a huge tumble. But not a record setting one, so there’s that. The film should get somewhere over $60 and call it a day. But this is not a failure, because the film was cheap, and though marketing may make it slightly less profitable, likely this is good money.

Did you know Monsters Vs. Aliens is still playing and is now at $197 Million? Wonder if it’ll get there when all is said and done. Hrm. Since Ice Age didn’t free-fall from Potter, it means that $200 is going to happen if G-Force doesn’t take its entire audience. Likely it will be a close one, and if that’s the case, Fox will push it there. I’m going to say yes, they can squeeze another $48 Million out of it. And I’m sure they can find another $36 Million for Transformers 2. The audience has not rejected the picture like critics did, and so by the end of next weekend, it’ll be nearing $380, and from there, they can get another three weeks out of it to get it to $400.

I thought Public Enemies might hold on and be the #5 picture of the week. Instead it’s The Hangover, which is going to get past $250 without question. This is an Animal House level phenomenon. I don’t think it’s got the juice to hit $300, but if it keeps playing, if it does flatline, or get to 10% drops, this could play into September. The Proposal is also hanging around nicely. I think I thought $120 was the ceiling for the picture after it opened, but this will get past $150 for sure. Public Enemies may clear $100, but if it does, it’s going to just do it, and not much more. That’s the Michael Mann business, though.

Up is still hanging around, but it’s would have an impressive limp to get to $300, and Disney also has their G-Force to look after. My Sister’s Keeper has been hanging out, and weathering some of the storm. It’ll probably be out of the top ten next week, but it also may get to $50, which was not something that seemed likely after opening. Beth Cooper will be leaving theaters shortly. Hopefully, Fox believes in Colombus’s next a little bit more.