Is Rob Zombie’s next movie for the Weinstein’s a remake of the Blob? What the fuck happened to T. Rex?

Anyone else starting to feel like that, what was it, seven picture deal for the W brothers is going to turn out being all remakes? I’d imagine the conversation must have gone a little like this:

W’s: Well, H1 did so well we need you to make the sequel.

RZ: ‘already said I wasn’t interested in doing that.

W’s: well, what good is a 7 pic deal if the guys who gave it to you are bankrupt?

RZ: (making the sound Sideshow Bob makes when he steps on a rake) Alriiiight…


W’s: Well H2 is tracking so well how about H3.

RZ: Absolutely not. Get the guy that remakes all the other stuff like TCM and F13th

W’s: Okay then, how about something else?

RZ: No…

W’s: Again, can’t fund T Rex without $$$

RZ: (again with the Bob noise) what did you have in mind?

W’s: The BLOB!

RZ: Can it be killer cotton candy this time instead of ice cream substitute like The Stuff?

W’s: Whatever you want Rob, whatever you want…