This, the sweetest, most gentle trailer I’ve ever known (okay, I’m paraphrasing a bit from the trailer), has just appeared on JimCarreyOnline via French distributor EuropaCorp.  The film stars Carrey and Ewan MacGregor as Steven Jay Russell and Phillip Morris respectively, two jailbirds who fall in love.  When Morris is eventually released, Russell escapes four times just to be with him. 

The story is based on the real life events of Russell, who was a con artist and impostor.  To say that Russell has had an interesting life so far is an understatement, as he has had at least 14 aliases from everything from a CFO of a medical management company, to a police officer, a judge, handyman and a millionaire.  He’s currently serving a 144-year prison sentence. 

The film is directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, co-stars Leslie Man and Rodrigo Santoro and will be released here in the U.S. by Consolidated Pictures Group in seven months.

Thanks to Tommy for the tip.