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Thirst is hitting theaters next week, but for Park Chan-wook devotees who have already devoured all of his incredible films, what’s a fan to do? Well if you want to see what the man can do with horror, you check out his short film Cut in Three… Extremes, that’s what you do.

The film is available right now on Netflix Instant and really deserves more accolades than it received. A truly disturbing mix of three short films from Hong Kong, Korea and Japan; the film managed to hit a few theaters in North America but hardly made an impact at all. It’s a shame, because this is work from some of Asian cinema’s finest.

While it’s not the best of the three short films (that honor would go to Fruit Chan’s unforgettable Dumplings), Cut does a great job of showcasing a director’s worst ever fear- dealing with a crazed actor. In it, a man is kidnapped by a disgruntled extra who threatens to cut off his pianist wife’s fingers off unless he kills
a little girl… for absolutely no reason. The director is too much of a good man, you
see, and needs to be corrupted. There’s some surprising humor in it but it’s a helluva dark little film.

Check it out by adding it to your Instant Queue on Netflix right here. Chan-wook’s segment starts at about 38 minutes in, but you’re going to want to check out all of them.