Folks, we’re growing off and growing under!

CHUD Show is attempting to streamline (and enhance) our podcast regimen
by going live, having live callers, and providing a place for the shows
to be syndicated, archived, and done on the fly and with much more

In fact, I’ve toyed with the idea of having a daily morning show on weekdays to see if it stuck. What do you guys think?

Our fourth attempt goes tonight and in addition to the scintillating
discussion you’re bound to experience, we’ll also be blabbering about fuck knows what.

at 9:00pm, Eastern… Myself, Steve, Justin, and whatever guests
we pull in are bringing it to you. Get fully involved RIGHT HERE (which includes the chat room and call-in options or just enjoy the stream in the player below.

Use THIS LINK or refresh this page at the appropriate time and listen here!

Call in number: (347) 826-9101
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