When I saw Paul Solet’s Grace at the Sundance Film Festival I found that experiencing the movie with a crowd was sublime. Seeing people standing outside the theater, shakily lighting cigarettes to calm their battered nerves, was the icing on the disturbing cake Solet had served up.

I later heard that Anchor Bay was going direct to DVD with the film, and I thought that was a huge mistake. This is a damn good movie, and it plays so well with crowds (and it plays with crowds so well – there have been multiple reports of fainting and vomiting at screenings) that relegating it only to living rooms seemed a shame.

Now Anchor Bay has relented and is giving the film a theatrical release, albeit a very small one. The film will open in New York and LA – at the Village East and the Laemmle Sunset 5 – on August 14th. If you’re in those towns, or even nearby, come out and support great new original horror!