.The new Amityville Horror flick looks like a blast, and the great thing about it is that it’s based on a film that had a notorious air about it but one that isn’t totally hallowed ground for purists. As a result we can enjoy both on their own merits. Michael Bay’s name on the new one scares some folks, and not in the intended way a horror film wants to do but I say it’s horseshit. Bay the producer is pretty interesting thus far and should be judged on different criteria than he as a director.

Regardless, the original Amityville Horror flicks are getting a rich treatment on DVD, even the 3-D one with the C.H.U.D. creature in the pool. Four discs. A lot of flies. Even a little Margot Kidder sans woodpile. Basically, a must have for any discerning horror fan or Rod Steiger apologist.

You want one? Follow the rules below and include your mailing address and one lucky sucker will get this box set mailed to their ass with no strings attached. No strings attached to their ass, I mean…

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4. Explain to me Newton’s Law of Applied Richard Dreyfusses.

5. The first film is based loosely on a true story. What’s the creepiest real-life story ever filmed?