ABC is the target of a lawsuit by Anthony Spinner, a producer on Baretta, claiming that Spinner actually created the TV series way back in 1977. Spinner claims that he was hired to write a pilot and- called Lost! – that bears more than small similarities to the show that has become a huge hit for ABC now.

TMZ has a big list of similarities between the supposed pilot script and the show that’s on now, including character similarities and even basic plot points. Most damning, though, is that Spinner claims his pilot script used flashbacks to tell the backstory of the survivors stranded on a tropical island that inexplicably contains a cold weather creature (in the 1977 script’s case it’s a saber tooth tiger).

Click here to check out the list. But take a second to think… is it possible that this is all a stunt? The script was written in 1977, the same year where the Lostaways have found themselves stranded in season 5. Could this be the start of a new viral campaign of some sort? Might we find out that a Lostaway gets trapped in 77 as the rest move ahead in time? Or will we find out that Spinner met Faraday while the character was on the mainland, and got the idea for the pilot from him?

Probably not, but it would be amazing if it were the case.