Not much has been revealed about the story behind id Software’s Rage just yet. Sure, we know what the gameplay is going to be like- it’s a first person shooter combined with an arcade racer, set in a postapocalyptic future. Some footage that debuted at Quake Con last year shows that it’s one goddamn beautiful game, with everything you could hope for in a Road Warrior-style setting. Insane desert dwellers, twisted mutants, guns and melee weapons, fast and brutal car combat… all it needs is a gyrocopter, and a little annoying kid with a boomerang. (“Ahhh!”)

They’ve just launched a teaser site for the game that has started to show off some of the plot. It’s a little bit of an interactive game, check it out at

There’s not too much up there yet but every two days the story will expand on the site, and more will be revealed. Expect Rage to hit sometime next year.