This year’s Comic Con seems to be a touch light on the cool panels, but it’s heavy with awesome screenings. One of them is a special sneak of District 9, the incredible-looking new movie about illegal aliens. From space. Directed by Neill Blomkamp and produced by Peter Jackson (who is making his first Comic Con appearance!) the film is set in a South Africa that is dealing with the unwanted arrival of an extra-terrestrial species.

The screening is at 7pm on Thursday July 23, and it’ll be just a couple of blocks from the convention center.

We’ve got a whole mess of tickets thanks to our friends at Columbia, and we want to make sure some cool CHUD readers get a chance to check this movie out. We’re going to be giving away 14 pairs of tickets three different ways:

1) On our message board. Simply leave a message in this thread. Registration is open, but it may take a little while to get your new account okayed. This phase of the giveaway will be open until Friday. It will not be first come first served, so you have time.

2) On the podcast. Call in to the live CHUD Show this Wednesday. We’ll have more details on that tomorrow.

3) On Twitter. Follow me (@devincf) and the CHUD News Feed (@CHUD_News_Feed) on Twitter. I’m going to announce I’m giving away some tickets and whoever replies back to me with the right phrase first (someone who follows BOTH feeds) will get them. I’ll do this during the middle of the day to give all time zones a chance.

We can’t put you up in San Diego! We can’t get you to San Diego! These tickets are for people who will be in San Diego on Thursday night or who are willing to travel to San Diego on Thursday night. In other words, it’s up to you to get to San Diego if you want to see this movie at this event. You don’t have to be a Comic Con badge holder to get into this screening. And this is an R-rated movie, so we’re only giving tickets to people 17 and older. They’re going to be checking IDs at the door, so don’t bother trying to fake us.

I’m excited to check this movie out, and I look forward to seeing lots of you guys there.