Oh Toronto! You lucky bastards! You have another edition of The Wright Stuff, Edgar Wright’s A Moveable Film Festival, hitting the Bloor Cinema on July 26th. This time it’s all about the work of cinematographer Bill Pope, who will be there in person for a Q&A. And the movies Edgar has chosen!

First up it’s the great Army of Darkness, then in a whip-pan of epic proportions, it’s the puppet action musical Team America: World Police. Both of these films are amazing, and I suspect they’re going to be terrific prints (if the cinematographer is in the house I hope they are!). And then, again, you get the Q&A.

You can buy your tickets – $18 for the double feature – by visiting the Bloor site on July 17 (click here). Individual movie tickets are ten bucks, and they’ll be available at the box office a half hour before the show.